8 Marketing Ideas To Promote A New Restaurant

marketing ideas to promote your restaurant

Getting started in the restaurant business needs to happen fast, because running a practically-empty establishment will quickly cause your costs to start spiralling out of control. You need to drum up some interest before that happens, so what can you do to get the word out?

Firstly, you need to make sure you start a coherent marketing plan that you can build on. Learning lessons early on is absolutely crucial and will shape the next stage of your development. Ensure you keep track of how your first customers found out about you, so you know which methods work best for you. Make sure you know who you’re targeting, too, because different demographics will be easier to reach through certain channels. Here are some of the ideas you might want to start trying, however.

1) Stand out in your location

One thing it’s important to get right is the look and feel of your actual restaurant. If the décor inside is attractive and you’re grabbing attention visually from passers-by, this will really help get you off the ground.

2) React to your surroundings

Things going on in your local area will have an immediate impact on your business. If more people are nearby for any specific reason, act fast and come up with a relevant promotion to draw them in. This brings us onto our next point…

3) Offer discounts to gain interest

People who are just starting out in the restaurant business are often horrified with the idea of cutting their prices, because they’re barely taking any money as it is. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to temporarily slash prices for promotions, because getting your name out there is much more important to begin with.

4) Start with a website

Your online presence will be especially vital in the early stages, because digital marketing is cheaper than traditional alternatives on the whole. You will need a website to begin with, and this has to really capture your restaurant’s personality in a creative and professional way. It should also be optimised for local searches so people find you on Google and other search engines.

5) Build your social presence

Social media is mostly free to use, and you can generate a lot of publicity quickly as long as you know who you are targeting. Reach out to influential users in your area and start building up a conversation on Twitter, and make sure people can check in and leave reviews for you on Facebook. Someone needs to be monitoring your social channels to keep up conversations between your brand and your customers.

6) Sell gift certificates

One easy way to get extra sales from your happiest customers is to offer gift cards for your restaurant. That way, when people say they’re going to recommend their friends visit you, you can encourage them to go one step further and buy their meal in advance.

7) Sponsor local events

To get your name out there, sponsoring a local sports team or a one-off event will help you gain a lot more exposure and interest quickly. This creates a nice sense of familiarity and gets you networking with influencers locally.

8) Loyalty discounts

This is a very easy solution for getting the most out of customers who love your food. Keep them coming back with the promise of getting something for nothing after a certain number of visits.

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Managing Restaurant Safety and Hygiene Risks

There’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong in the restaurant business, but one of the worst possibilities is a major health and safety issue. Something serious can easily bankrupt a successful restaurant, so consider the following areas to ensure you’re complying with the law and taking reasonable steps to keep everyone safe, including staff and customers.

Cleaning up spillages

Spills from food can be breeding grounds for bacteria, which is a major risk to customers eating your food and the future of your business. Spillages of food and liquids can also cause slips easily, especially on smooth kitchen floors. It’s important that someone (or everyone in the kitchen) is responsible for cleaning up immediately to avoid any risk of avoidable accidents occurring.

Regular professional cleaning

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning services, including ductwork and canopy cleaning, are important for restaurant safety and hygiene and you should have professional cleaning carried out regularly in addition to the day-to-day maintenance your staff handle themselves. This kind of cleaning is also vital for fire safety, as extractors and ducts can eventually collect fat deposits which significantly increase the potential risk of a fire breaking out.

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How Do You Handle Logistics in the Restaurant Business?

It’s a widely known fact that entering into a new business is always a big risk. Restaurants come with an even higher risk than most start-ups, party due to fierce competition and other external forces. However, the complex set of considerations that have to be factored in by any new restaurant owner is probably the reason most new ventures fail. You’re unlikely to succeed if you fail to think about all the fundamental practical aspects of your restaurant, such as the following.

Supplies and transport

Managing your restaurant day-to-day is going to rely on fresh ingredients being delivered to your kitchen exactly when you need them. This definitely doesn’t happen by magic. Great suppliers and distributors are definitely out there, but you need to plan carefully to set up a system that works for your business. Finding a highly reputable company to manage the transport and delivery of all your fresh, perishable ingredients is essential. Harlow Group Storage, who specialise in temperature controlled transport, distribution, supply chain, and logistics in Bishop’s Stortford and Essex, would be one great example.

Location is crucial

Of course, deliveries and distribution will be related to your location, but this needs to be perfect for many other reasons. Where are your target customers? Are you in an area that fits with the concept of your restaurant? Are you far away from where most people live, and if so, is your food going to be worth travelling for?

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Why you need to use a modern kitchen for your restaurant

modern restaurant

Modern vibes are becoming a trend, and they are now seen in many successful restaurants today. For restaurants who have been running for many years, it’s time to give your overall restaurants a modern look that everyone loves. Below are the following reasons why a modern restaurant is a way to go.

Space savers

Unlike old kitchen designs, modular designs are crafted in a way that can make more space in your kitchen area. They are less bulkier, and the designs are more unique, and they usually come with more storage space. When looking at new kitchen designs, you’ll find that most units are integrated with various storage spaces.


One of the best features of modern designs is that they are easier to assemble and dismantled which is useful when you need to redesign, repair or alter your kitchen. It will save you more time and it will be a stress-free process when modifying your kitchen.


The designs are more aesthetic, and they are made for useful purposes. It can easily provide numerous solutions for different needs. For instance, smart designs are great for kitchen storage, room space and smoother functionalities. The models are also customisable which is great when you want to change things up in your kitchen area.

Simplicity and beauty

Modern kitchens have a slicker and simpler look compared to old designs. There are various designs available depending on your preference. You could expect to find different styles from elegance to chic.

Storage space

As mentioned previously, storage is one of the main advantages of modern units. With more storage space, you can easily organise all your kitchen equipment which will make your cooking experience more manageable. The extra storages will also help you keep up with making your kitchen look neat and tidy at all times.

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SEO Tips for Local Restaurants

google search

A restaurant should look into improving their local SEO on Google search. Getting your restaurant up on Google through SEO techniques can make a huge difference in the number of your visitors. For instance, tourist and local customers are most likely to find local restaurants through the Google engine, and if your website isn’t anywhere near the first few pages, then you won’t have many customers around.

But if you’re ready to improve your local search on Google, we advise on taking some of our useful tips and tricks below.

Local Directories

Get your website listed on local directories. The more you get listed, the better your chances are being on Google page. There are hundreds of directories you can find online. Why not start off with your local yellow pages? There are free local directories available, but if you want to move up the ladder faster, you can always opt in for paid listings.

Google My Business Page

Sign your business up for a Google My Business Page. This is one of the most important steps if you want your business on Google search. Once you have signed up, ensure that you have provided full and correct details of your business.

Contact Information

Ensure that all your contact information are listed on each page of your website including your phone number, address, email and full name.

Create a Blog

Blogging is the ultimate key for search engine algorithms which allows you to add new contents with optimised keywords to help your website rank on Google.

Localised Social Media Profiles

Sign up for social media profiles with your current location, and if you have a few restaurants in different areas, it’s ideal to create a separate profile for that area only. Don’t forget to post on your social media as well.

Localised contents

Find localised keywords and use them for your contents on your website.


Check your reviews on social media more often and make sure that you have a fair amount of positive reviews. Reviews are one of the first things customers read before trying out a new place to eat. More importantly, write a thank you note for positive reviews and try to accommodate the negative reviews with customer service.

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Top restaurant design tips

restaurant plants

Restaurants are the perfect places for family and friends to get together. While the competition in the food industry is getting competitive each year, it’s essential to find ways of attracting more customers to your restaurant. One way to improve your popularity is by redesigning your restaurants to enhance its environment and atmosphere which would likely get a lot more attention from customers.

More and more restaurants are adopting the new modern and fresh designs to their business. It’s also a good way to make your restaurants look and feel different from the rest. If you’re looking to up your game, we’ve provided some tips on how to design your restaurant for success.



Lights make a huge difference in the atmosphere and mood of a room. For a cosy atmosphere, you should look into dark or dim lightings as they can create a relaxing mood. If you want to increase the brightness of a room, look for light and bright lighting designs.


Adding plants to your surroundings can create a calm atmosphere, and it’s a great way of bringing nature to your restaurant at the same time. The colour green can instantly bring more colour and life to a room. You can also get creative with plants as there are thousands of plants to choose from. For a fresh and quirky look, try placing your plants in a plant stand or a woven plant pot.


wall art

Adding any artworks like paintings and sculpture can bring more colours to a room. You can also exhibit any local artists work in your restaurant. Inviting local artists to showcase their art will also help you attract more visitors as they are most likely to invite their friends and family.

Minimal Furniture

Modern designs are now all about minimal furniture. Instead of going for bulky furniture, you should look to buy a minimal furniture to create more space and an aesthetic look for your restaurant.

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Best places in Hertford to eat, play and sleep

warner bros hertford

Hertford is a great location that’s situated between Cambridge and Buckinghamshire. The area is filled with many places to eat and explore. Hertford is worth the visit whether you are going by yourself or with your friends or family. We’ve listed some of the best places in Hertford where you can eat, play and sleep. There are a variety of places to see during the day and night. You will find that there are also some great bars in Hertford that you can go to in the evening.

Lee Valley Boat Centre

Why not try the boat ride in the River Lee Country Park. They offer a variety of boat activities including a Canadian canoe, rowing boats, pedalos and electric boat rides. The boats can be hired on an hourly basis. It’s the best way to start your adventure in Hertford. They also offer a special private cruise hire where you can relax and enjoy a meal on board. The centre is open seven days a week from 10 am to 5.30 pm.


The Cinnabar provides just about everything you need when spending quality time with your friends or family. It’s  a great place to eat and relax with your family. They are known for their gourmet breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts which are all served throughout the day. The bar plays a weekly live session where local bands and singers perform live in the bar. Better yet, you can even book a room if you’re looking to stay the night.

When it comes to going out with your friends, we recommend visiting the bar during the evening when it transforms into a nightclub. They serve a variety of delicious cocktails backed up with some cool music played by their best local DJs.

Cammas Hall Farm

The Cammas Hall Farm is located in the countryside of Hertford. The farm offers some great DIY activities including picking your fruit and vegetables. They also have a farm shop where you can purchase some fresh foods too. If you’re feeling peckish, they have a tea barn where they serve a variety of cakes and tea. The farm also holds a variety of events and workshops.

St Albans Cathedral

If you want to see a beautiful setting with some great architecture, why not visit the St Alban’s Cathedral. Check out the shrine of St Alban along with some free tour about the history of the place. After you’ve made your way around, you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in their cafe area.

Paradise Wildlife Park

The Park is a great place for anyone who loves nature or animals. You will see a diversity of animals including zebras, orangutans, lions and so much more. It’s also the only zoo in the UK where they are taking care of 5 big cats! They also offer some extra special tour including the big cat and wolf experience where you can get closer with one of the most amazing creatures in the world. They even have some cafes and shops around the zoo where you can simply eat and shop. The park is open throughout the year, and they open from 9.30 am to 6 pm.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

The Warner Bros Studio is probably one of the most visited places in Hertford. If you’re a massive fan of their films, then this place is perfect for you. The studio contains some of the actual settings that you’ve watched from Harry Potter. They’ve also recently added another feature called the Forbidden Forest. There’s plenty more adventure waiting for you to be discovered in the Warner Bros Studio.

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Your Cleaning Responsibilities as a Restaurant Owner

If you choose to run a restaurant, you automatically have many legal responsibilities regarding cleaning. You are obligated to ensure your customers can expect their food to be prepared in a clean and safe environment, with professional management and respect for the law. It’s vital to understand what your responsibilities are before you get started in this business.

After all, the penalties and potential consequences of not following relevant laws when it comes to food hygiene can be very severe, and rightly so. Not only do you stand a chance of having to pay legal fees if you are prosecuted, but fines and compensation have been known to reach the tens of thousands on a regular basis. You should also consider that the FSA (Food Standards Agency) will arrange for your premises to be inspected and you will be presented with a food safety rating, which will be public knowledge.

With this in mind, consider the importance of keeping your kitchen clean and maintaining all equipment to a high standard. It is unavoidable that your kitchen will frequently get dirty during the course of cooking, but that doesn’t make it acceptable to leave it in such condition. Proper sanitation prevents the risk of bacterial contamination increasing over time, which protects your customers as well as your employees. This includes appropriate measures taken when storing, preparing, cooking and serving food.

You must also bear in mind that the most common cause of health and safety issues in commercial kitchens is not actually food contamination, but accidents such as slips and trips. Spillages are common in any kitchen, and in a fast-paced commercial environment this risk is multiplied. Avoiding these risks needs to be a high priority.

As a restaurant owner, your day-to-day responsibilities must cover these basic things and more, but you are also required to take more action in particular circumstances. For example, if there are several cases of food poisoning in a short period of time resulting from food prepared in your kitchen, you may be required by law to carry out an investigation, or officials representing your local council or the FSA may have to carry this out.

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7 Steps To Improve Your Restaurant Service

You may start your restaurant business with the best intentions, but it can be hard to keep up with every area you’re trying to improve. Eventually, some factors may be letting you down. If you want to boost your overall level of service and your reputation, here are some sensible steps to consider.

1) Draw up service guidelines

Have a written agreement for your staff which explains what your ideal restaurant service is like. When expectations are written down, even if they seem like common sense, it helps to encourage consistency and ensure all staff are clear on their objectives.

2) Provide personal plans

Building on the initial guidelines you have created, a personal development plan for every individual staff member should be a priority. This ensures specific issues are tackled systematically and the right support is available.

3) Plan your hiring process

It’s important to look for new talent all the time, focusing on people who are passionate about providing great quality service at all times, as well as learning new skills and improving. Skills can be taught, so place more emphasis on the person. Training for new staff must be consistent and thoroughly planned.

4) Get the right supplies

You can quickly create an unprofessional image for your restaurant if you’re consistently having to make excuses because basic items have run out or gone missing. Cutting corners on the essentials is likely to have a knock on effect, making your staff and customers feel like you don’t care.

5) Train staff constantly

Every day is a new opportunity for development and gaining new experience. Staff in your restaurant need to always be learning more about the level of service they should be providing, and gradually becoming more effective.

6) Offer a great leadership service

Service works both ways – if employees feel supported at work, they are much more likely to pass on that positive feeling to customers. Overly harsh management can destroy a productive sense of team spirit, so try to steer away from this.

7) Let people show initiative

On a related note, team members might feel stifled by their instructions at times and this crushes any initiative they might want to show. Going above and beyond for customers is something to be encouraged, so trust your staff to deviate from the everyday rules if they’re providing the service that customer needs.

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How to source local and sustainable ingredients as a food service operator

As a food service operator, you will realize that the most reliable and sustainable place of sourcing all your food ingredients is by getting them from the local market where it is always fresh and in plenty. However, this should not be done blindly since there are some sellers or farmers who could exploit you especially if you are not well conversant with the local market prices and trends. As such, there are a couple of guidelines that one can apply when going about seeking local ingredients for their food services. Whether the food is to go to a school, a hospital, university or restaurant, you need to be smart in planning before making a purchase. This article is going to cover these guidelines that can help one well.


It is very important for a food service operator to be flexible when it comes to the business’ menus. There may be times when the ingredients that you expect fail to mature in time or maybe the weather changes and it spoils all harvests in the local market. As such, one needs to be very flexible enough to have an alternative for the spoiled ingredients so that their menus have a cover and also explain to the customers if such a thing happens. The replacement ingredient needs to be just as good as the one that was unreachable in the market so as to fill its place in the menu well.

Make Purchases When the Season Is Still At Its Peak

When the harvests have just hit the market, there will be very many farmers who will be looking to sell mostly due to lack of storage space. As such, you are bound to get all local food ingredients at a much cheaper price. Apart from this, an added advantage is the fact that the food ingredients will be fresh from the market which means that they will still be highly nutritious and flavorful too.

Develop a Good Relationship with the Local Farmers

local farmersDeveloping a good relationship with all the farmers that you will be working with will help you get all the products that you need when they are still fresh and crisp from the farms. As such, the farmers will also grow the specific ingredients that you would need due to the fact that they will be having a guaranteed market from you thus very beneficial to both parties involved.

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