Why you need to use a modern kitchen for your restaurant

modern restaurant

Modern vibes are becoming a trend, and they are now seen in many successful restaurants today. For restaurants who have been running for many years, it’s time to give your overall restaurants a modern look that everyone loves. Below are the following reasons why a modern restaurant is a way to go.

Space savers

Unlike old kitchen designs, modular designs are crafted in a way that can make more space in your kitchen area. They are less bulkier, and the designs are more unique, and they usually come with more storage space. When looking at new kitchen designs, you’ll find that most units are integrated with various storage spaces.


One of the best features of modern designs is that they are easier to assemble and dismantled which is useful when you need to redesign, repair or alter your kitchen. It will save you more time and it will be a stress-free process when modifying your kitchen.


The designs are more aesthetic, and they are made for useful purposes. It can easily provide numerous solutions for different needs. For instance, smart designs are great for kitchen storage, room space and smoother functionalities. The models are also customisable which is great when you want to change things up in your kitchen area.

Simplicity and beauty

Modern kitchens have a slicker and simpler look compared to old designs. There are various designs available depending on your preference. You could expect to find different styles from elegance to chic.

Storage space

As mentioned previously, storage is one of the main advantages of modern units. With more storage space, you can easily organise all your kitchen equipment which will make your cooking experience more manageable. The extra storages will also help you keep up with making your kitchen look neat and tidy at all times.

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Top restaurant design tips

restaurant plants

Restaurants are the perfect places for family and friends to get together. While the competition in the food industry is getting competitive each year, it’s essential to find ways of attracting more customers to your restaurant. One way to improve your popularity is by redesigning your restaurants to enhance its environment and atmosphere which would likely get a lot more attention from customers.

More and more restaurants are adopting the new modern and fresh designs to their business. It’s also a good way to make your restaurants look and feel different from the rest. If you’re looking to up your game, we’ve provided some tips on how to design your restaurant for success.



Lights make a huge difference in the atmosphere and mood of a room. For a cosy atmosphere, you should look into dark or dim lightings as they can create a relaxing mood. If you want to increase the brightness of a room, look for light and bright lighting designs.


Adding plants to your surroundings can create a calm atmosphere, and it’s a great way of bringing nature to your restaurant at the same time. The colour green can instantly bring more colour and life to a room. You can also get creative with plants as there are thousands of plants to choose from. For a fresh and quirky look, try placing your plants in a plant stand or a woven plant pot.


wall art

Adding any artworks like paintings and sculpture can bring more colours to a room. You can also exhibit any local artists work in your restaurant. Inviting local artists to showcase their art will also help you attract more visitors as they are most likely to invite their friends and family.

Minimal Furniture

Modern designs are now all about minimal furniture. Instead of going for bulky furniture, you should look to buy a minimal furniture to create more space and an aesthetic look for your restaurant.

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The Complete Guide to Restaurant Kitchen Design

Every Restaurant Kitchen requires an appropriate design for it to serve its role in the best way ever.
The first major task is to get the services of an expert restaurant kitchen designer. The designer should be a professional and must be an expert in preparing a kitchen design. The designer must incorporate all the necessities of a good kitchen design while preparing the design.

The design must meet all the required safety conditions.restaurant-safety The design must be approved by the concerned authorities. Thus a good design can only be prepared if we take the help of experts who can guide through the whole procedure of preparing the restaurant kitchen design.


A restaurant must have all the necessary equipment. They should display the required specifications and quality. A lot of companies provide equipment laying services. They provide the installation of the equipment according to the designs prepared. These companies provide expert guidance in equipment laying.


A good restaurant kitchen design must provide for optimal use of daylight. This will help in
resto-sunlightincreasing the energy efficiency of the kitchen. The design must provide for an open and ventilated kitchen. The smoke gathered must be properly removed from the kitchen. The kitchen must have all the basic amenities like wash basin and sink. The wash basin must have the adequate supply of water. A restaurant kitchen is usually a wet place so an anti-slip floor is required. The floor must be cleaned properly. The material that is used must be of impervious nature. Walls must also be covered with a smooth and impervious material.

The electrical equipment must be provided in the required numbers. The safety of workers must be foremost and all the electrical wiring must be done in an orderly manner. Open wires must not be allowed at any cost. The drainage must be adequate. Water should not get accumulated on the floor or in the wash basins. There should be an adequate number of shelves in the restaurant kitchen.

The design should provide for the space that is required to place these shelves. The number of the shelves will depend on the requirement of the restaurant. The number of customers that will be handled determines the number of shelves required. The number of equipment required is also dependent on the number of customers that the restaurant will cater to. More the customers more will the number of equipment required. Another important aspect of a restaurant kitchen is the budget.

. Investment on less required items must be done in the last. A list of equipment which is required in priority must be prepared and they must be purchased first. The design must be prepared to provide for an efficient and smooth functioning of the kitchen.

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