SEO Tips for Local Restaurants

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A restaurant should look into improving their local SEO on Google search. Getting your restaurant up on Google through SEO techniques can make a huge difference in the number of your visitors. For instance, tourist and local customers are most likely to find local restaurants through the Google engine, and if your website isn’t anywhere near the first few pages, then you won’t have many customers around.

But if you’re ready to improve your local search on Google, we advise on taking some of our useful tips and tricks below.

Local Directories

Get your website listed on local directories. The more you get listed, the better your chances are being on Google page. There are hundreds of directories you can find online. Why not start off with your local yellow pages? There are free local directories available, but if you want to move up the ladder faster, you can always opt in for paid listings.

Google My Business Page

Sign your business up for a Google My Business Page. This is one of the most important steps if you want your business on Google search. Once you have signed up, ensure that you have provided full and correct details of your business.

Contact Information

Ensure that all your contact information are listed on each page of your website including your phone number, address, email and full name.

Create a Blog

Blogging is the ultimate key for search engine algorithms which allows you to add new contents with optimised keywords to help your website rank on Google.

Localised Social Media Profiles

Sign up for social media profiles with your current location, and if you have a few restaurants in different areas, it’s ideal to create a separate profile for that area only. Don’t forget to post on your social media as well.

Localised contents

Find localised keywords and use them for your contents on your website.


Check your reviews on social media more often and make sure that you have a fair amount of positive reviews. Reviews are one of the first things customers read before trying out a new place to eat. More importantly, write a thank you note for positive reviews and try to accommodate the negative reviews with customer service.

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